My Year in 6th Grade
By Damian

Sixth grade was a blast,
I’m glad it’s ending fast;
The locker they gave me,
Made me go crazy
And soon I don’t have to worry,
about scurrying off to class.

My home room teacher, Miss Glenn,
was my favorite;
She took social studies, and
science and turned it into fun;
I know I won’t forget her for
the great work she has done.

My next favorite person was Miss Hines,
She taught math with no rhymes,
She never let up,
But I know it’s for my future,
and for that I want to thank her.

Ms. Secula, my LAL teacher,
Had patience as my mother,
She taught us prefixes,
reading, and grammar,
I also want to thank her.

The first school dance I participated,
with Elias, Justin and his siblings;
This I hope to carry in my memory
when I ‘m reminiscing with my friends and family.

One thing I don’t want to reoccur
is the tragedy
that took place not so long ago;
losing a classmate who was full of life and fun
affected all the children, teachers and some;
This tragedy helped us to realize,
even though we are young
we must appreciate each other;
and have good clean fun,
avoid making people unhappy,
instead make them smile,
for we don’t know when
we’ll be gone for awhile.

Well, the end of Sixth grade is here,
I thank God for another year,
I was able to withstand
all the work and hard labor
a kid my age has to endure;
Will I miss sixth grade,
No, I don’t think so!
because summer will be here
and that’s all that I care,
before September gets here!