Elias N. Giouvanos

Elias was a well traveled young man. In his short life he was able to do more things than many people get to do in a lifetime. He experienced Greece first hand with the people who loved him the most. He could tell you more about the country than you could read in books. He could tell you about the Outer Banks, and what it was like to lay on the beach and build castles in the sand or to sit in the hot tub on the deck gazing up at the stars. He could tell you about his adventures at all of the Disney theme parks or his trip to Naples, Florida, and what it is like to walk into the warm waters of the ocean. He could tell you what it is like to be in Atlantic City and sit in front of a stage to watch an Elvis Impersonator, and then he could give you a little sample of the show. He could tell you what it was like to have a getaway weekend at a hotel beginning your day poolside and ending it with a few laughs jumping on the beds. He got to spend many a memorable time with his parents, all four of his grandparents, his Aunt and Uncle and all those who meant so much in his life. He knew the joy of having friendship and being loved.

Elias's last day with us was spent with a wonderful smile on his face. He went with Phil and Jean to the movies, had a late dinner, and got to talk to his best friend before his last moments of life. When he walked up those stairs to his play room, God took a child from us that was at peace with the world.

Everyone who knew Elias knew that he was special. He loved his parents, grandparents, and all of his family and friends. You always knew where you stood with Elias, as he never seemed to be short for words. Elias loved life and having fun. I remember eating out in a small Italian restaurant with Jean, my girls, and Elias one night and the kids were talking about dancing and such, when Elias got up and showed us some new dance moves that he had acquired. We were all laughing and enjoying the show that Elias had put on. Now an average person might have been too shy or embarrassed to do this in public, but not Elias, he was the type of kid who didn't care what others thought or said, and if the mood struck him, he could be as silly as he wanted.

There would certainly be a lot more happier people in this world if we could take a lesson from Elias and step out of our shells and go to the place that Elias went to so often where fun can be had anywhere and anytime. Those of you who knew Elias well knew that he was a child with compassion and forgiveness. Forgiveness is something that seems to be hard for most people, but not Elias, he could get up and wipe the slate clean each and every day and start all over again. So if we can take those wonderful parts of Elias and keep them in our hearts we can all become better people just by having known him....

(writen by our dearest friend Anna Marie)

Elias Favorite...

Animals: Cats (his cat Mittens), Dogs
Breakfast: Cereal (with no milk), Pancakes, egg
Color: Orange
Drinks: Water, Milk
Foods: Pizza, Mac/Cheese, Pita, Fry Dough
Fruit: Apples (eat one every day)
Hangout place: His pad (room)
Music Group: Green Day
Play Time: Video Games, Wrestling toys
Quite Time: Paint, Draw, Write stories/poems, Think
Seasons: Summer (swim), Winter (snowtube)
Song: Boulevard of broken Dreams (Green Day)
Sport: Professional Wrestling (WWE, ECPW)
Thing to do: Spend time in the water
Town: Rockaway Borough, NJ
Vacation Spot: Duck, NC; Greek Islands
Video game: Tony Hawk, Wrestling
Vegetable: None (never eat one)